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The floor is finally finished, and there was much rejoicing!  I decided to go with EZ Click Luxury Savannah Oak flooring.  I had originally picked out some flooring that did not click together and required adhesive plus renting a 100-pound roller.  The more I thought about it and researched, the less I liked the idea of putting adhesive on the subfloor.  Many folks putting new floors in RVs are going with the “floating” floor idea, which is what this is.  There’s no adhesive, you just leave a 1/4 inch gap on all sides and put quarter round around the edges, and it works great!  I’m very happy with this decision.

It took a solid day to install the flooring and do most of the quarter round, as most straight runs around the perimeter are less than a foot.  The dinette was also rebuilt and all the cushions were washed and re-stuffed before everything was reinstalled over the new floor.  Now that these basics are done, curtains can be installed and the very exciting studio project can begin!

– James