Get on the air live in broadcast quality by pressing a button.

Use QGoLive's full-featured reporting app to
make producing and filing reports a breeze.

Let Leah show you how it works.

* No set-up time. Just launch the app and hit a button.
* Sound great from anywhere - from the scene, a remote location, home, or on the road.
* Replace clunky equipment with just your smart phone, tablet, or laptop.
* Pick up incredible ambient sound.
* Reporters, guests, and callers sound as good as they would if they were in the studio.

Use QGoLive’s full-featured reporter app to produce sophisticated reports quickly and easily.
* Go live, or record and file reports.
* Write, dictate, and edit scripts.
* Record and import audio cuts.
* Embed audio cuts in your scripts and play them back at the press of a button.
* Hear your cue live on your handset or through headphones.
* Edit audio in the third-party app of your choice.
* Choose between 3 codecs for best connection.
* Email or upload your recorded reports or send them directly into supported newsroom systems.

* Back at the studio, no special equipment is needed.
* Just install the QGoLive receiver app software on your PC or Mac.
* We can provide a dedicated server, but it’s not required.
* Queue up multiple reporters.
* All connected anchors and reporters can hear the reporter on the air.
* Producers, editors, and anchors can see which reporters are ready to go, who's up next, and can make them live at the push of a button.

Who Uses QGoLive?

QGoLive was designed for radio reporters in the field, but our clients keep finding creative ways to use it. It's used all over the world at top all-news, news/talk, and talk radio stations, small local stations, and college and high school radio stations to provide broadcast-quality live audio for:

* Radio reporters in the field
* Remote talk show hosts
* Call-in guests
* Air talent on commercial remotes
* Play-by-play announcers
* Sideline reporters
* College and high school sports reporters
* Podcasters

Available on a cash or barter basis.

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