Last week, Walter Sabo of Sterling on Sunday needed some help recording spots for his network show.  Instead of recording on his own and sending the spots in for editing, another solution appeared in the form of QGoLive.  By connecting to my QGoLive receiver, Walter and I were able to chat back and forth about length, beds, etc.  Then when it came time to record, we simply started rolling.  When the read was over, it was simple to play the audio back to him using QGoLive.

One good option built in to the receiver software is the ability to turn on and off transmit audio going to the remote party.  Since the receiver setup on my end was of temporary nature, I didn’t have a true mix minus setup.  To prevent Walter’s audio from feeding back to him, I simply turned off the transmit audio by clicking the green “TX” button when it was time to record.  This also functioned as a good cue – once Walter heard my audio disappear, he knew it was time to start talking.

Next time a client needs to record a spot for you – consider QGoLive.  Maybe you have a car dealership calling in for weekly ads over the phone… this week, have them download the app and give them your generic login to use as credentials.  It’s the next best thing to being on the other side of the glass!

Take a listen:

By: James Copeland