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The Winnebago has permeated into every aspect of my life, including my birthday cake.  Mrs. Copeland really outdid herself this year with a first foray into fondant, which turned out to be quite the crowd pleaser.

Steady progress on the RV continues.  The very complicated brake system has now been restored and is fully functional after months of research and several days of work under the vehicle. The original Bendix hydrovac brake boosters (the shiny things in the picture below) are increasingly difficult to find, but rebuilt units from Mexico can be had with some Internet digging.  A couple of heat shields will have to be fabricated to keep the exhaust system from melting the new boosters, which is what happened to the old ones.

Inside the vehicle, DC wiring continues as we move towards installing the solar panel charge controller and inverter.  Before that, plumbing tasks have to be finished up.  All of this is holding up the flooring install.  It’s a never-ending jigsaw puzzle!