John DePetro Live from Poland on QGoLive

WNRI Rhode Island talk host John DePetro is broadcasting his radio program live from Rzeszow, Poland via QGoLive. DePetro says, “Challenging broadcast to say the least but valuable first-hand account of situation in Eastern Europe.” DePetro notes that Rzeszow is the closest airport to the border of Ukraine and main hub for thousands of refugees. He says he’s secured a translator and security and plans to broadcast from the Ukraine border.  Here’s John speaking to his translator Ana about the people she left behind in Ukraine:


John says, “I was standing at the Urkraine/Poland border and the QGoLive signal was crisp, clear and reliable. It did not cut out once.  Listeners are just blown away.

Good luck John – stay safe!


Remote radio for a year: 90.3 WHPC Case Study
Shawn Novatt in his temporary studio in March of 2020.

Last march WHPC Director Shawn Novatt took a few pieces of equipment home for a couple days and set up a temporary studio in his living room for this whole “Covid” thing to blow over.  Fourteen short months later, his radio station is still largely run live from individuals’ home studios around the clock with no one back in the campus studio… and all the audio is handled via QGoLive (And there are probably fewer TV trays in use now.)

Check out Novatt’s recent interview below.

QGoLive Gets Called Up to the Majors!

At long last baseball and QGoLive was there as the Philadelphia Phillies got ready to play their long delayed season opener at Citizen’s Bank Park.   Here’s Scott Franzke hosting Phillies on Deck and interviewing the Phillies new manager Joe Girardi came in via QGo on his iPhone just before the first pitch. Give a listen – Go Phillies!


And Joe Girardi was back on QGo for the Sunday edition of Phillies on Deck:


Seamless Kings Day broadcast in Holland


Broadcast duo Ed Bakker (above) and Goos Mante (right) hosted a special program on Zaanradio for Koningsdag or “Kings Day” yesterday in the Netherlands.  (This is also why they’re both wearing orange.)  Goos sent us the following note:

QGoLive was working excellent. No delay. Could listen back over the audio tuner by the FM signal from our radio tower in Zaandam city. I was in my home studio in Wormer and Ed was in Zaandam.

Take a listen for yourself below!