QGo Basic Tutorial

QGoLive's James Copeland shows you the basics of the QGoLive app. Here's how to install and use the basic features of the app for live shots and recording.

Noise Gate

QGoLive now features a software-based noise gate which is very handy for reporting from loud locations. Here's how to use it:

Mute and Standby Features

This video covers the new mute button and standby status display on QGoLive.

Exporting from QGoLive to NewsBoss

QGoLive's James Copeland shows you how to export wraps and cuts from QGoLive directly into NewsBoss

Exporting Reports and Audio from QGoLive to Burli Newsroom

QGoLive's James Copeland shows you how to export a wrap or other recording along with associated metadata directly to Burli Newsroom. Contact Burli support to enable this feature in your Burli system.

Recording and Exporting a Wrap

How to record and export a wrap to the destination of your choice in QGoLive.

Writing a Script and Inserting Audio in QGoLive

QGo's James Copeland shows you how to write a script and insert audio for playout during live or recorded reports. A very nifty feature of QGoLive!

Importing Audio into QGoLive Android Edition

QGoLive's James Copeland shows you how to import audio clips into the Android version of QGoLive.

How to Import Audio into QGoLive Desktop/Laptop Edition

The procedure is slightly different from iOS/Android but even easier. QGoLive's James Copeland explains it all.

QGo Import

How to import audio from Twisted Wave into the iOS versions of QGoLive. Important - QGoLive will only import audio saved in mp3.