Voice Tracking with QGoLive at WLEA/WCKR

Today we’re saluting our good friends at WLEA/WCKR in Hornell, New York.   Brian O’Neil added QGoLive a few years ago and write to tell us:

“QGo is working out very well for us by the way, it makes it so that a weekly talk show guest doesn’t have to drive a half an hour one way to the studio, and makes it so our FM morning man doesn’t have to drive in 10 minutes every day to record his show the night before. We like the QGo sound a lot on our end, it’s a big time saver and does a lot to improve sound quality.”

  Here’s an example of Brian with his weekly guest on WLEA-AM:


Meteorologist Rob Carolan also uses QGoLive to do his live shots on Brian’s morning show on WLEA.          

Over on WCKR-FM, Fun 92.1 morning man Sean Stewart (left) tracks his show in StationPlaylist using QGoLive.

Here’s a sample track:



If you would like some help using QGoLive for remote voice tracking write to setup@controlroompro.com and we will figure out the configuration for you.

By the way, WLEA is the station where the great Bob Crane got his start in 1950!

More about Bob Crane at WLEA right here. 


QGoLive Covers the Big Stories – Helicopter Crash in Manhattan

1010 WINS Reporter Al Jones was able to get to the scene of a helicopter crash in Manhattan very quickly and he was able to get on the air even faster by just launching QGoLive on his iPhone and hitting the big green mic button.   Not only is Al loud and clear in broadcast quality, you can hear all the activity going on at the scene, helping to paint a very vivid picture of the still evolving situation.

Al also does some Q and A with 1010 WINS afternoon anchor Larry Mullins.

QGoLive on a Trolley Pub!

QGoLive works just about anywhere.  Case in point:

Each July defunct AM carrier-current radio station WLHA returns to the airwaves of Madison, WI over the facilities of its successor WSUM 91.7 FM for the Radio Resurrection Weekend.  Old (and we mean old!) DJ’s recreate their shows from days gone by and take to the streets to force innocent people into taking part in contests.

Here’s former WLHA station manager Tom Baer aboard a moving Trolley Pub conducting a trivia contest while cruising through the streets of Madison.  He’s using an iPhone X and an iRig HD2 microphone.  Enjoy!

WLHA lives on today as a 24/7 stream complete with its own mobile apps and Alexa skill:


QGoLive Saves the Day at WGMD

From Walt Palmer, Director of Broadcast Operations, Engineering, and Programming at WGMD:

The entire airstaff of WGMD has been ravaged by Influenza A.

I felt the first effects on Thursday afternoon. But if just so happened I had an appointment with my GP Friday and was able to start a regiment of meds by early evening.

Saturday morning I received a call from my mid-morning guy, Jake, who sounded like I felt.  Jake is kinda bullheaded and didn’t feel the need to seek medical attention until Sunday mid-day.

Duke, my PM Drive star, has a surgical appointment today for a hernia repair.

QGo To The Rescue!

Mike is now voicing his show live from home in Easton, MD.  At 10am Andrea, a part-time host, will do 3 hours from her home in Philly. Kevin will fill in for Duke with a personal appearance in studio.

I am very pleased with the ease, utility and robust features of QGo.  It saved my broadcast day!!

Happy to be of assistance Walt.  Here’s a quick clip of Andrea handling her show from home, phone calls and all:

WHPC Goes Minimalist and it Still Sounds Great on QGoLive

Here’s a rather remarkable aircheck. WHPC from Nassau Community College doing a live sports talk show from the IBS Conference at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. The hosts are in a hallway. They have no equipment other than that iPhone and a borrowed pair of headphones for listening to cue. Hear how QGoLive using the internal mic of the iPhone makes it sound like each host is on their own mic with the levels set perfectly.

Please enjoy this aircheck of the very talented Eleanor Ciampi, Eric Fischetti and Nick Ohrnberger plus occasional contributions from the hallway peanut gallery.