QGoLive on the Go in Buffalo with WBEN

Here’s an excellent example of how QGoLive can do a lot with no additional equipment.  WBEN Operations Manager Tim Wenger got word on a Saturday afternoon of a breaking story at Buffalo Police District D Headquarters.   He hurried over himself with just his iPhone 7+.   Using just the phone he was able to carry the news conference about an abducted baby in broadcast quality without so much as a microphone.  People were asking him how he was able to get a “truck” over there so quickly.  Give a listen.

Election Night in Manhattan (Kansas)

QGoLive and Motionmixes was a winning combination for KSDB’s election night coverage. Reporters attended watch parties across the state of Kansas and used the QGo to interview candidates and staffers alike. More than 20 students helped with KSDB’s coverage which spanned more than four hours. The addition this year of the “Election Day” Motion Mixes package from Foster Kent significantly increased the production value, adding an essential amount of emotion and excitement to the evening’s returns.

Here’s a special behind the scenes video as they go live to Brennan Flanagan on QGoLive in Topeka.

QGoLive Covers Florence


We have at least a couple of reporters using QGoLive in North Carolina to cover Hurricane Florence.  First let’s listen to WTOP’s Steve Dresner using an iPhone with an iRig interface and a Sennheiser MD 46 mic with a windscreen – which comes in handy during a hurricane.


And here’s Al Jones (and son Ryan)  of 1010 WINS, also in North Carolina where he has also been reporting for various Entercom stations using QGoLive straight off his iPhone with the internal mic.  Here he is guesting on KYW’s Reporter’s Roundup:

There were a few QGo-less stations that Al had to do on the phone.  We heard some of those hits.
They were painful.  Don’t inflict pain.  Get QGoLive!