Radio Nomad on network show

What better way to help kick off the Radio Nomad project than to share an update on national radio?

That’s what I did this past weekend thanks to Walter Sterling’s show, Sterling on Sunday, aired on almost 100 radio stations including WLS, WPHT, KMOX, KFBK, WBAP and others.

This clip serves as another great example of how a telephone hybrid is no match for QGoLive.  Walter is doing the show via QGoLive, and I’m connected to WPHT using a standard telephone hybrid.  The difference is unmistakable.

What’s going on here?

You may wonder why we’re starting a blog about an RV on this site. Objectively it seems a bit unusual, but I assure you there’s a good reason.

First of all I’m James Copeland – I do support and onboarding for QGoLive – and I recently bought a motorhome. A 1975 Winnebago Indian, to be exact. What on earth possessed me to do this? There’s no one reason, but I think there are a lot of parallels between QGoLive and the freedom of life on the road. With today’s technology, we’re no longer constricted by bulky infrastructure to carry out remotes in the radio industry. Likewise, an RV represents independence, a flow against the norm and self-reliance. There are a lot of features in one place, just like QGoLive – it does a lot in one just application. The only difference is, my application is 25 feet long and can’t be placed in a pocket.

So, what’s the plan?  It’s pretty simple.  I drive this beast around the country and pop into a radio station here and there.  If you’d like me to come and visit your radio station, that can probably be arranged.  This space is provided so that you can follow along, from the renovation updates to life around the country, we’ll present it here so you can live vicariously through the adventure.