They say painting a house is 90 percent surface preparation and 10 percent actual painting.  That’s how a Winnebago roof seems to be as well.  We finally got the roof material (TPO) applied after literally months of preparation.  Before that could happen, the remainder of the direct current wiring was tucked away and lauan plywood was applied on top of everything.

Fun Fact – there are nearly 1,000 screws or plastic rivets within the Radio Nomad roof structure…

After the plywood was screwed down (with over 500 #6 3/4″ screws), fleece tape was applied between the plywood sheets to cover any gaps.  Then, the edges were sanded down with an air sander.  Next, adhesive was applied with a paint roller before the TPO was set on top.  After that, a push broom and sock feet aided the removal of bubbles from underneath the surface.

Now, the actual legitimate fun of installing all those roof accessories can start, which is what we’ll get in to next week!