On a recent morning at 1010 WINS New York there were two reporters in the field – the indefatigable John Montone and police specialist Carol D’Auria.   John, as usual, was using his all-in-one kit of QGoLive on an iPad mini.   He did his interviews, his live shots with actuality insertions and his recorded reports for the later in the morning all on his iPad.

Carol was using the best in class hardware solution for broadcast quality field reporting.  She did her interviews on a flash recorder, which she also used to playback her audio into this unit.  When she recorded her reports for later she had to use a separate laptop and mixer.    A lot of hardware vs an iPad mini.

But how does it sound?  First up Carol, live from East New York:

Now John, live from Times Square on QGoLive:

You can draw your own conclusions, but we would argue that QGoLive is the better sounding, less expensive and more flexible solution for live news reporting.  And your station can get it on a barter basis.  Don’t think that works with the other guys.