Recently 1010 WINS morning reporter John Montone switched from using a laptop with a Behringer mixer, flash recorder (for interviews) and a boom mic to a much more compact (and less expensive) solution.  Left is what John’s setup looked like before.  It sounded good and worked well, but it was a bit of a mess and had a lot of parts.

Right is what John uses now.  An iPad Mini with an iRig HD mic which plugs into the lightning port.  In addition to going live, John can record and edit interviews using Twisted Wave.  He can then import these clips into QGo for insertion into liveshots, and now in v 2.6 he can “hot cart” his reports, punching in the clips as he records a finished report.   He can make minor edits and upload the finished product, which takes a fraction of the time it would take to produce in a traditional editor.

We think this will become the go to kit for 1010 WINS reporters.  Portable, inexpensive and very robust.  Contact me if you want to talk about it.  Here’s John doing a liveshot on his iPad air on the great pumpkin spice scandal.