QGoLive on QGoLive

One of the greatest assets of QGoLive is its flexibility. Here’s a very interesting example involving Walter Sterling’s national weekly show on Westwood One, which he famously transmits from his laundry room using QGoLive.   Walter also has a QGoLive receiver which in this case is dialed into by James Copeland and Zach St. Clair in Manhattan, Kansas so Walter can interview them.  Net result: QGoLive on QGoLive and a live studio quality interview all the way.


CBS on WCBS via QGoLive from London

Here’s CBS News Radio’s Steven Portnoy doing a two-way from London with Paul Murnane and Steve Scott on New York’s WCBS Newsradio 880.  Steven was at a pretty noisy location but he comes through loud and clear and with minimal latency on a 3000 mile haulback.  QGoLive is great for two-ways with regular contributors who can be given their own accounts using their own devices. This recording is off the AM air logger which explains the fidelity.

Fire in Manhattan! (Kansas that is)

We like this clip because it demonstrates how QGoLive can put you on the scene of a news event in broadcast quality as easily as removing your phone from your pocket.  Here’s a house fire in Manhattan, Kanas as covered by Kansas State University’s KSDB.    News Director Lucas Peterson happened to be passing by the fire and he went live with Program Director James Copeland.  Notice their easy delay-free Q and A.  Not exactly the towering inferno, but important news in Manhattan, KS.


College Basketball at WCDB Albany

From our friend Rob Lepelstat, sports director at WCDB-FM at SUNY Albany, its the Great Danes taking down the Yale Bulldogs on QGoLive.

Rob writes: “Our station has been having some great success with QGoLive and is really excited about our future play by play aspirations for WCDB!”

WCDB had been doing most of their PBP by phone so we’re happy to help out and with Rob at the mic these games really come alive!  Give a listen…