Painting Part 1

The last major part of the project: painting – another huge undertaking.  As this entire restoration has fallen into the “shade tree” category, we’ve had to work around the weather.  In addition, if you’ve painted anything before, you know from experience that preparation is the most important and time-consuming part of the task.  So here we go with the pictures!

The problems:

So that was several days of wood repair, body repair, cleaning and straightening the bottom metal channel that encloses the bottom of the vehicle sides.

The actual painting doesn’t take too long at all – Rust-Oleum Canvas White is a great color match for classic Winnie’s like this one.

After the paint had time to set up, we caulked all the windows and seams under worklights since it was supposed to start raining at 1 a.m. that morning.  Thankfully, the showers held off until 5 a.m. and our weather window closed just in time!

Stay tuned for Painting Part 2 – where things really get exciting!

– James


1 Year Update: Interior Before and After

It’s hard to believe we’ve been working on the Winnebago for over a year, but it’s true!  At this time, the last major project is finishing some exterior body work and painting the sides and back of the vehicle.  In the meantime, enjoy these before and after photos.

– James

Seamless Kings Day broadcast in Holland


Broadcast duo Ed Bakker (above) and Goos Mante (right) hosted a special program on Zaanradio for Koningsdag or “Kings Day” yesterday in the Netherlands.  (This is also why they’re both wearing orange.)  Goos sent us the following note:

QGoLive was working excellent. No delay. Could listen back over the audio tuner by the FM signal from our radio tower in Zaandam city. I was in my home studio in Wormer and Ed was in Zaandam.

Take a listen for yourself below!




QGo to the Rescue in Verona, Italy

Teleradio Veneta serves the Veneto region which like most of Italy is under lockdown.  Giorgia and Ketty usually do their show in the same studio but they are social distancing so in this case one of them is in the studio and the other is on a Huawei Android phone.   As you can tell, even in Italian, they’re able to go back and forth as if there were no distance between them (the first voice is on QGo).  If you need to work from home QGoLive is the easiest, fastest and most flexible way to get on the air from wherever right now!


“Clap Because We Care” on QGoLive

Every night at 7pm 1010 WINS in New York goes to a different neighborhood of the city for live coverage of “Clap Because We Care“.  This is the nightly salute from the people of the city to the essential workers who are on the front lines of the fight against Covid 19. On Saturday night April 4, live coverage came from an iPhone running QGoLive propped up in an apartment window in Hell’s Kitchen, across the street from Mt. Sinai West Hospital. We think the salute sounds as big as the gratitude New Yorkers feel.


On the Road: Visiting Texas

Here’s a recap from the Winnie’s first big trip out of state in February and March before our world got a little crazy.  Hope you enjoy.

The goal of this trip was to do a longer shakedown cruise, work out bugs, enjoy some slightly warmer weather and visit some radio stations along the way!

El Reno, Oklahoma

This was the first stop after leaving Wichita, Kansas.  Originally planned as a backup stop, the Lucky Star Casino turned out to be the perfect spot with full hookups for FREE!  That’s pretty rare.  You can actually stay four nights here, just pull in to an open spot and then check in with the security desk.  Day one also brought our first squawk – no oil pressure indicating on the gauge.  Turned out to be a loose connection on the sending unit, so a quick five minute fix.

The next morning, it was time to take care of a few radio tasks, including recording and cutting the network spots for Sterling on Sunday, of course using QGoLive.  So there we were, cutting national radio commercials airing on 50,000 watt stations in the middle of a parking lot (with a nice little Shasta trailer in view).

Lawton, Oklahoma

We continued on to Lake Lawtonka in Lawton, Oklahoma, which is an incredibly beautiful place to stay in full view of the Wichita Mountains.  Although the weather was cold (still mid February), the city-owned camps are well-maintained and $12 a night during the winter for electricity, dump station and bathrooms.  The folks in the area are incredibly nice and it was really a shame to leave.

Wichita Falls, Texas

As a Wichita, KS native, I’d always heard of Wichita Falls, but never visited.  We stopped by a few area radio stations and stayed at the River Bend RV park, which is owned by the city.  It’s $17 a night for water and electric hookups with a dump station on site in a very convenient location.  There’s also a suspended bridge to an enormous city park that leads to the actual Wichita Falls, which oddly enough are man made.  Wichita Falls is also home to The World’s Littlest Skyscraper, which was actually an elaborate scam, but makes for an interesting tourist stop.


It sounded like shelf over the radio studio inside the Winnie had spontaneously collapsed going down a Texas two-lane highway.  A few milliseconds later, I realized that the shelf was fine, but one of the rear dual tires was not.

I eventually found an abandoned gas station to pull into and started the fun-filled process of changing the inner passenger’s side dual.  With a bottle jack, lug wrench and cheater bar, it took just under an hour to deal with the eight big lug nuts and mount the spare tire.  We replaced all four rear tires a few days later just to be on the safe side.


Whitney, Texas

Whitney is just outside of Waco and there are a wide variety of parks in the area.  The first night we stayed at Lofers Bend State Park, which isn’t too busy in the winter, but I’m told reservations are a must during the summer.  At $20 a night it’s a bit expensive for my tastes, but electricity and water were provided plus a dump station and bathrooms on site.  It was an interesting challenge getting into the site in the dark.

The next day we explored free camping options in the area, eventually settling on Walling Bend State Park on the other side of the lake because there’s plenty of sun for solar power.  Walling Bend is great because you can stay for FREE for 14 days in designated spots.  I met some wonderful people at this park and picked up so much RVing knowledge from the pros.

Waco, Texas

We finally made it to Waco and invited our first guests into the Winnebago.  The picture of Scott and Jennine is a favorite – it represents a lot since it was taken less than a year from the original Radio Nomad concept.  Waco also included a trip to the Dr. Pepper museum, which is a must-see stop if you’re a fan.

Heading back

We didn’t waste much time returning to Wichita, but stayed in a Walmart parking lot, the Winstar Casino RV park and another city park at Bell Cow Lake in Chandler, Oklahoma.

One of the last stops was the Round Barn in Arcadia, Oklahoma, just outside Oklahoma City on Route 66.  It’s exactly what it sounds like, but is worth visiting and is just across the street from Pops, another legendary stop.

So that’s the whirlwind recap.  It was a great trip with a taste of everything – looking forward to many more to come.

– James and Ash