WHPC Goes Minimalist and it Still Sounds Great on QGoLive

Here’s a rather remarkable aircheck. WHPC from Nassau Community College doing a live sports talk show from the IBS Conference at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City. The hosts are in a hallway. They have no equipment other than that iPhone and a borrowed pair of headphones for listening to cue. Hear how QGoLive using the internal mic of the iPhone makes it sound like each host is on their own mic with the levels set perfectly.

Please enjoy this aircheck of the very talented Eleanor Ciampi, Eric Fischetti and Nick Ohrnberger plus occasional contributions from the hallway peanut gallery.

QGo Goes to Africa

Susan Rocco, host of “Women to Watch” on WPHT, Philadelphia needed to interview a guest in Uganda. Rather than do half an hour on the phone, producer Frank Canale had the guest install QGoLive on her laptop. Here’s a sample. HQ guest interviews are easy with QGoLive!

PS: Fun fact about the Ugandan radio market. 23 FM stations had their licenses suspended last year for allegedly promoting witchcraft

QGoLive on the Go in Buffalo with WBEN

Here’s an excellent example of how QGoLive can do a lot with no additional equipment.  WBEN Operations Manager Tim Wenger got word on a Saturday afternoon of a breaking story at Buffalo Police District D Headquarters.   He hurried over himself with just his iPhone 7+.   Using just the phone he was able to carry the news conference about an abducted baby in broadcast quality without so much as a microphone.  People were asking him how he was able to get a “truck” over there so quickly.  Give a listen.