Finally, some dry weather to get this roof thing finished.  Progress has been great as we cut and fit insulation, route wires and custom build everything as we go.  Progressing from the back to the front of the vehicle, holes for the rear vent/fan and air conditioner have been cut, and the wiring harnesses have been modified for the new roof structure.  In between the wood is 3/4 inch extruded polystyrene insulation.  Eventually a thin sheet of plywood will be put on top of this, and the entire works will be bonded together.

The air conditioner was hoisted atop the vehicle, and a test fit has been completed.  Since one of the output ducts from the air conditioner was right up against the refrigerator and wouldn’t do much good there, a custom duct attachment was fashioned from sheet metal that routes air into the radio studio/lounge area and ensures air flow even with the dividing curtain closed.

A platform inside the vehicle supported by jacks ensures the roof sections are in the proper place while they are being fitted and screwed down. This also helps crown the ceiling slightly.

The vehicle radio up front has also been replaced with a similar period unit which makes work more enjoyable (can’t live without that cassette player, after all). Plus, it was free.

So, we continue on by leaps and bounds everyday in 97 degree heat!