From our friend Bob Hughes at WIDL/WKYO in the Thumb of Michigan complete details on how they use QGoLive for Friday Night Football!


-On Location: Football game: Ubly at Cass City in Cass City, MI 9/8/17
-Broadcast Studio in Caro, MI
-Scott Bolsby – Play by Play
-Chris Wilcox – Color




-Headset Mics – Audio Technica BPHS Headset Microphone
-Field Mic – SM57
-Board – Peavey PV10 (it has a monitor out and mute buttons that are necessary)
-LG Android Phone
-1/8″ 4 pole to RCA Red/White/Yellow cable with RCA to 1/4″ adapter for yellow RCA

On Location Path

-AT Mics to channels 1 and 2, so you can mute channels during commercials
-SM57 to channel 3
-Ipod for commercials and imaging to channel 9/10 (use monitor out to send to studio)
-Signal to Studio via Monitor out controls using yellow RCA/1/4″
(each channel has an individual send channel which is routed to master monitor out to send to studio)
-Signal from Studio via Red/White to channel 7/8, turn monitor to 0, use post fader to adjust headphone feed
-1/8″ 4 pole cable plugged into phone and transmits via QGoLive

Studio Path

-QGoLive receiver wired to console
-Volume adjusted appropriately on QGoLive channel and activated to air (Mute Channels on PV mixer when connecting to studio from location)
-Use VNC programs and smart phone to control automation system to pause and activate automation as needed.
-At game time, pause automation via VNC after current song, run imaging on location and broadcast game accordingly.-At close of game, start automation via VNC and go home
-Rinse and repeat weekly