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IMG_3385-720x380Every July, alumni of WLHA Student Radio at the University of Wisconsin take over the UW’s current student radio station WSUM for an entire weekend.  Much hilarity and technical malfunctions ensue.  This year we decided to do some live remotes from around Madison using both QGoLive and a popular competing app which shall go unnamed for various reasons. But here is your chance to listen to both being used in relatively similar situations.

First up “Brand X” running on an iPad with a Tascam mic interface taped to the back of the case. This was fed with a standard dynamic field broadcast mic.  Cue was received on headphones.

Now, QGoLive running on an iPhone 6 with no external equipment. Andy Arns, using the app for the first time ever, conducted his interview using just the internal mic on the iPhone and getting his cue through the handset.

Also included in this cut, a liveshot with WLHA’s “Wild Bruce” including a bass guitar solo picked up using just the internal mic on his iPhone 6.

We post the audio.  You decide.


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